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Syndy 1
Syndy – Robotized wiring System Robot
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Solid monoblock supporting structure, easy to transport and install. 


New generation Kawasaki’s 6-axis robot, fast and reliable.

Syndy wiring head

Sturdy and equipped with two units that allow the insertion of the wire in the automatic terminal clamps, both horizontally and vertically, or in the IDC terminals during the same operating cycle.  Equipped with optical device for system of vision and recognition of the components.

The sturdy wiring head is mounted on the robot wrist and integrates all the movements necessary for the wiring process:

  • wire feeding, both independently or synchronised with robot movement
  • Wire cutting and stripping, with automatic removal of the scrap, for insertion into push-in terminals, both horizontal and vertical after 90° bending of the wire
  • wire cutting and vertical  insertion in IDC terminals

The process is completely managed by the robot controller.

The wire must be rigid unipolar, conductor section of 0,5 mm², PVC or Halogen-free insulation, and the outer diameter ranging between 1.9 and 2,3 mm.

The wiring program is generated by teach-in functions using the robot’s portable keyboard with the help of an open interface with editable macros, or by means of an optional Off-line software.


Universal workpiece carrier

The proposed system allows a quick and easy setup: reference and fixing magnets elements for the luminaire to be processed are easily positioned without tools in connection of the holes matrix on the plane.


The robot working area is delimited with physical protections,  and a photoelectric barrier in the loading / unloading area inhibits the automatic operation of the system during the presence of the operator.

Set for ESD protection to avoid electrostatic discharge.

User-friendly interface

The process is fulling managed by a supervisor PC with optimized user interface, easy diagnostic system and quick program change.

Camera of the wiring head

Camera on board of the wiring head for:

  • Visual inspection of the correct positioning of the luminaries and correct completeness of the components assembly
  • Check the real position of the inserting point of the sockets and automatic real time adjustment of the working program
Complete catalogue Syndy catalogue

Universal robotized wiring system SYSTEM ROBOT

SYNDY 1 is the compact solution dedicated to the automatic wiring of luminaires using Syndy system.

Syndy is the new robotized automatic wiring system for lighting appliances by System Robot Automazione.

The applied technology on the wiring tool enable to use all kinds of standard components with “Push-in” and/or IDC terminals during the same operation cycle.

Thanks to this technology and the use of open software with editable macros, Syndy represent the only real universal system for automatic wiring that guarantee flexibility and the independence in choosing the components to use from different suppliers.

SYNDY 1 is a single operative station machine with fix table and Syndy wiring robot, compact, safe and easy to use.

SYNDY1 is the right solution for all manufacturers who want to take the first step towards wiring automation, or have a compact system for small production batches.

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